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A slight deviation from my usual digital orientated postings, I wanted to bring to the fore this fantastic 12 minute slice of DFA life. Produced to coincide with the Red Bull Music Academy festival in New York this month, DFA Records was, and remains one of the touchstones of my life musically. (I urge everyone to get this album from 2004: A DFA primer, it’s basically their ten musical commandments…) Their bands, their commitment to great music, and their sheer joy has fueled what much of what makes music so interesting these days, yet they’ve done this through one of the most tumultuous times that recorded music has ever faced, let alone record companies. (Whose woes are well documented and plentiful.) This film shows that passion fuels great art. And the best communication, always comes from the best art. It’s a great coda to the outright quasi-religious experience that was ‘Shut Up And Play The Hits’ 

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If you ever ventured down to Portobello Road on a Friday or indeed, a Saturday, for many years you would have (hopefully) stumbled upon the world of The Vintage Showroom. A stall that was truly ahead of it’s time in the whole mens vintage game. It’s influence, and sharp eye for authentic pieces, has been instrumental in bringing to life a whole world of highly authentic Americana. The sort of stuff that dominates Tumblr blogs from New York to Tokyo and back again.

The Vintage Showroom is now fully established in Covent Garden, (with their first book hurtling into stores soon). Over on (my new favourite site) PORT Magazine. The boys behind the Showroom, Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett gives us a peek behind their vast collection and give us some of their opinions about where mens fashion is going. But what I love about this video more than it’s crystal ball predictions on fashion, is the passion and clarity the guys bring to their craft. It’s a simple message to keep at the back of our minds as creatives. Be focussed, be passionate, and always be authentic.

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Here’s a beautfully executed music video for French Electronica musician Rone. A Collaboration between Rone himself and Filip Piskorzynski, it’s the first in an ongoing journey that has continued with the equally masterful ‘Parade’ video (below). The stand-out element here is the use of stop motion to create a truly strange, but mesmerising effect with actress Natalia Dufraisse, although it does nothing to take away from a beguiling storyline. Matched perfectly to Rone’s shuffling, rolling groove(s), this is sublime marriage of music and visual, and definately one to watch, as this seems to be evolving into a strong and ongoing collaboration between the two.

Here’s ‘Parade’

Check out the interview with Rone and Piskorzynski over at The Creators Project 

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Really nicely done piece by driector Stuart McIntyre for Louis Vuitton and the ‘Dreams’ campaign.

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This project, premiered at TED 2012 in Long Beach last week. Creative Director Cesar Kuriyama, quit his job, and is now recording one second of everyday in his 30’s. (Which will equate to a 1 hour film of that decade). The video above edits those clips together from 2011 – Feb 2012 (I assume the day of the TED talk itself).

An incredibly simple idea, this is heartwarming, honest and deeply intriguing. The simplest thing to come out of this is something that you forget quite easily.

Alot can happen in a second.

In Cesar’s year, you can instantly pick up real human emotions that feel familair to all of us, but are experienced in unique ways too. Laughter, joy, relaxation, tension, boredom, contemplation, the end moments with his sister-in-law are particularly raw. Kuriyama admits. “We take our cameras out when we’re doing awesome things; we rarely do that when something horrible is happening.” . I’m not sure why this is so inspiring”

I took something else more personal out of it. Do more with your time. Each second counts.

(H/T @nicowen There doesn’t seem to be a TED video up on this yet, when there is, I’ll update.)

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A prime slab of 1980’s nostalgia spliced and diced over the top of an excellent electro-house-disco style mix that The Magician does so well. (Or as the Vimeo blurb puts it: “Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes” Well worth a watch, and well worth a listen. Lots and lots of cool visuals here, they really bought the pain in the 1980’s…

(Via Coops)

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Here’s a couple of interesting takes on that well worn formula on the Skate/BMX video.

The first one, is all about the angles, shot by Joe Simon, for Mutiny Bikes, makes awesome use of a contraption call the ‘Helicam’ with a mounted Canon 7D, it presents a uniquely queasy perspective on riding the BMX.

The other uses the more traditional, but no less captivating slo-mo (1000FPS) technique. A series of skaters crashing to the ground attempting tricks. It’s a testament both to the bravery inherent in the pursuit, (I’ll admit, I’ve never skated). And somewhat bizarrely, acting as a great promo to the durability and strength of the human body. Hypnotic.

YouTube Preview Image

A nice selection I’m sure you’ll agree.

Via @tonykingnyc & @tim_nolan

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