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Sometimes the most interesting ideas are sparked by the most throw away of conversations. Just such a conversation became the evolution of this presentation: ‘Death To Online’ (a deliberately punchy title I’ll admit…) was conceived at one of the many, many portfolio nights that we have in and around the world of advertising. While not to give too much away, a seemingly throwaway line by one of the junior’s presenting their work, led to an exploration of where Advertising is going, and where it needs to head to keep Brands evolving and innovating. And, how the nature of our digital language is hindering this evolution.

When 75% of Agency CEO’s reporting that online ‘ads’ are more effective than traditional TV ads (when they are basically the same thing) it shows how far our digital language has helped deform and deny advertising’s need to work with the Internet as a tool, not just a channel.

One way of moving beyond the language of online is to delve into the vibrant arguments around ‘digital duality’. This debate is spinning back and forth between a series of cultural anthropologists with fervour and verve (and a smattering of pretension.) Their arguments are well worth the time to read and digest, for they form the backbone of what I’ve come to dub the ‘Semi-Internet State’ as it relates to Brands and Advertising/Marketing. It only takes a minute to look at the interest around Douglas Rushkoff’s most recent tome ‘Present Shock’ and the disquiet and debates around Google Glass to know that we are at a next significant stage of our relationship evolution with the internet. And the Semi Internet State is only getting more pronounced and difficult to penetrate. No matter how big, tagged, or trailered your ‘online ad’ is.

So… take a look, share and comment. I’m really interested in hearing people’s thoughts around this idea and the role of language in our industry.

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This week marks the start of the now traditional flight of the start-up, interactive and (increasingly) advertising communities flight’s to Austin and the Interactive week of SXSW. No doubt if you keep your twitter feed open through out the next week, you will be deluged by the comments flowing in that will quite probably leave you feeling extremely jealous, and hankering after some Texan hospitality, and the BBQ (This one looks particuarly good)

But, what of us mere mortal’s left in our corner of East London tech paradise? Surely we can compete on some level with the month long ubiquity of of SXSW? (For those that don’t know, there are film and music weeks to complement the Interactive week).  Step forward good friends Albion, with their very London, and very good take on SXSW. NSEW.

NSEW will have the same broad based approach as SXSW. Lots of interesting music (some of supplied by yours truly on launch night this Friday) as well as such luminaries as Hercules And Love Affair, Giles Deacon (in conversation on Saturday) as well as the must attend ‘Not @SXSW’ live link up on Monday. There’s a huge range of stuff going on all across London, so it’s probably worth visiting this website, and taking your pick…

It might be great in Austin, but London hasn’t given up the ghost yet…

Get your tickets for the launch party here!

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Didn't Want To Have To Do It

Another mix, this time delving into the wonderful world of Sunshine Pop. Tracklist and Mp3 after the jump..

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