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A smart and unsettling art project here from Paolo Cirio; a New York based digital artist. He prints and pastes the ‘ghost’ images of people captured in Google Street View, in the exact places they were online. Very much a comment about how Google handles (or mis-handles) data such as this, it’s an unsettling, but also important project. One that fits neatly into the other street-view art projects that have sprung up around the platform. With the whole Apple Maps debacle bringing accuracy of data to the fore, it’s an interesting time to bring a project that highlights the consequence of that accuracy to the fore

Full slideshow of the project can be found HERE.

(Original post inspiration over at Rubbishcorp®)

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Katsu Skull Graff

More Katsu skulls here

Over at the Wooster Collective, I chanced upon a new collaboration from noted (and to all intents ‘elusive’) NYC street artist Katsu and filmakers Nick Poe and Alex Kalman.

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Image: SirK (Via Wooster Collective)

I recently found this fascinating talk on PSFK. It’s from Marc and Sara Schiller, who collectively run the Wooster Collective, which has over the last few years become the number one resource for fans of Street Art around the world.

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A great concept from Mr Tailon – Tagging and pricing street art from around the world.


(via TWBE)

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