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A smart and unsettling art project here from Paolo Cirio; a New York based digital artist. He prints and pastes the ‘ghost’ images of people captured in Google Street View, in the exact places they were online. Very much a comment about how Google handles (or mis-handles) data such as this, it’s an unsettling, but also important project. One that fits neatly into the other street-view art projects that have sprung up around the platform. With the whole Apple Maps debacle bringing accuracy of data to the fore, it’s an interesting time to bring a project that highlights the consequence of that accuracy to the fore

Full slideshow of the project can be found HERE.

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These are a series of fantastic HTML 5 experiments from the Swedish interactive designer Hakim El Hattab. There is some stunning work here, and comes on the back of a flood of experiments with the programming language, each one seemingly more elegant and exciting than the last. Time to get learning methinks! Check them out.

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