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Rare is it that you see a campaign and go: “That will win everything in site this time next year”. Well, this might just be one of those campaigns. In 2012, Chipotle and CAA cleaned up (rightfully) with their emotive and powerful ‘Back to the start’ film. A combination of stunning attention to detail, ingenious musical selection (who knew Willie Nelson could bring actual soul to a Coldplay song?) And a powerful brand message that resonated in all the right ways saw the film become a touchstone for ethical marketing and creativity.

Chipotle have followed this up with another film, this time a trailer for it’s mobile game ‘The Scarecrow’. The film and game are designed to highlight the different choices that fast food manufactures make and the impact that it has on our environment, society and the choices consumers make. Chipotle & CAA went with the whole ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ concept here, but in my opinion, elevated beyond what Back to the start achieved. A darker edged Pixar feel permeates the film (from production company Moonbot Studios,) which is heightened by the (genius) use of Fiona Apple singing a wildly re-imagined ‘Pure Imagination’ from Willy Wonka. While in the film, the song is a lush and optimistic ditty, the songs double meaning is bought to life brilliantly by Fiona Apple and adds to the heightened drama in the Chipotle film. It’s beautifully paired duo, and sets the dramatic tone that the game itself is trying to achieve. (From what we can tell, it looks like a fully immersive platform game – Mario with Scarecrow’s.)

I’ll have to download the game to get a sense of whether it’s any good or not, but, if the same level of detail has been included in the game as their has been in the film, then it could really be something special.

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We are a world, saturated in photos. Social platforms have given more opportunities to log our lives than ever before, the Hubble Telescope takes photos of planets and systems billions of kilometers away, the Mars Rover gives us close up details of Mars like it’s a Flickr photo. And of course, where would be without Instagram and it’s billions and billions of photos of people taking photos of food. So when project come along such as One Momento, dealing in scarcity rather then abundance, it’s always worth further investigation.

So what is it? Well it’s an iPhone App that doubles as an Art/Experience/Photographic project. Coming from the excellent minds of RehabStudio, it asks the photographer  to commit to the project. This can either be a shot you’ve already taken, or one that you might want to capture in the future. It doesn’t demand attention, but sits there as a space where you can pick ‘the one’.  The overtones from the hugely successful ‘Beauty Of A Second’ Project from Wim Wenders & Montblanc last year are I’m sure deliberate. What I like about it more, is the power you can imbue with just that one shot, that captures a second of time. The project forces you to take consider both longevity and story. As with the greatest photographs ever taken, there is the moment that it is documenting, the story it is conveying, and the impact that it’s release has within a wider culture. Now, I’m not arguing that One Memento will capture anything as graphic Robert Capa, or chilling as Don McCullin, but it does force the photographer with One Memento in their hands to consider what they want to say with their one shot, more than any technical manipulation. Collated alongside the 250,000 other participants, it will be fascinating to see who and what people commit to film. Hopefully it should mean alot less flowers and food pics… Petapixel has a good round-up of how to use the app here.  

(I’m Memento 2839 BTW).

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Last month, Google debuted it’s new Chrome mobile browser. As with the desktop version of Chrome, it’s a significant upgrade, and gesturally very sympathetic to how people consume content on a mobile platform over a desktop. That might have been enough for a company such as Google. Instead, they’ve collaborated with the ever awesome B-Reel to create a mobile chrome experiment in the mold of The Wilderness Downtown and RO.ME. This time, for an artist I actually give a shit about.

‘The Bravest Man In The Universe’ is drawn straight from Soul legend Bobby Womack’s comeback album for XL of the same name. Produced by Damon Albarn and XL founder Richard Russell, it takes a similar approach to the one that worked so well for Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and others. The stripped back, pathos laden ‘final’ album feel. While the album itself is excellent, it’s haunting title track is no doubt well served by the introduction of an interactive experience like this.

As you would expect from Google and B-Reel, this idea is executed to the highest standards, and shows off quite effectively how much great tech is underneath the Chrome Browser for mobile and tablet, with some nice little touches in terms of interaction (that work better at tablet size to be fair), and a visual flair that manages to counterpoint the tech points with retro influenced graphics.

While not as jaw-droppingly ‘new’ as  The Wilderness Downtown was, this is still a worth entry into the increasingly crowded market of interactive music videos.

(Desktop Link HERE_)

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