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It might be just over 5 months old, and suitably brief, but there is some great thinking here about how the less salubrious parts of the internet actually hold some relevant keys to helping evolve our relationship with advertising ‘on’ the Internet.

Having spent a fair amount of time in this ‘Deep Web’ (especially around streaming sites), their methods are exceptionally effective, but in the hands of these pseudo-spammers, deeply frustrating. The classic waiting for 30 seconds to access content could be a far more entertaining and engaging experience if these same units and tricks were manipulated effectively by creatives as opposed to just spammers.

Certainly this presentation makes you think beyond the ‘traditional’ ad units that we all becoming accustomed to and creatively expired by. I’m sure the deep web has many more secrets that can be unlocked to tell more effective Brand stories.

(From Amber Horsburgh  & Julian Cole)

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Last month, was the first ‘Creative Social Presents’ event. I originally was going to blog about the night in as much detail as I could remember through the slightly drunken post-event haze, but, the guys at the Social have done the hard work and created a great little summary over at their website. Which luckily, now includes a short video summary too! (Posted above)

As ever, the night it proved to be a useful, fun and a thought provoking semi-anarchic alternative to the seemingly endless treadmill of conventions and talks, which can be a bit of a circle jerk these days…

No doubt the provocative title of the night helped fuel debate, and opposing perspectives. Highlights such as the “greatest animated gif of all time” an exploding dog, the obilgatory ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ image, and the underused phrase ‘eugoogilization of the internet’ showed that the internet was still as irreverent as you wanted it to be, but also undergoing it’s maturation as a medium, not just a distraction tool. But, it is everyone’s to use in their own way. “We Are The Internet” (As Nathan pointed out) serves as a short, fitting way to describe where and what the Internet is. As fun, or as serious or as useful, or as irrenverent as it needs to be for you and your peers.

You can find the complete presentations over at Slideshare.

Via Creative Social.

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