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The blog HUDS AND GUIS, has proved to be a fascinating education, and opened up a vast hub of inspiring design work. This truly is one of the most essential bookmarks of the year.

The blog itself is a list of interesting work from both films and adverts that incorporates digital interaction. Minority Report is widely regarded as one the first (and best films) to bring to life the near future of technology in a realistic and authentic way. From those (very successful beginnings), the list of films that has applied excellent examples of HUDS has grown. Culminating this year with the stunning work created for TRON Legacy. (Which was every single design geeks wet dream…)

There’s lots and lots to explore here that frankly, isn’t going to be done justice by my brief introduction. What is fascinating is how close the future of film, has come to reflect our own contemporary UI trends. Which is really is a credit to the designers who worked on these films, (especially the work of Jake Sargeant over at MN8) as well as (dare as I say it) The holloywood filmmakers who sought out this expertise in the first place. A fascinating journey, and one that is highly recommended.

The Jumpman 23 HUDS & GUIS in action:

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