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This is one of the smartest things I’ve seen recently, and, by proxy, one of the most inspiring. Ana Andjelic, a planner (and visual thinker – her words) based in NYC, recently scored a pretty plum gig at everyone’s super-cool-boutique-agency-not-named-Anomaly®, Droga5.

Now, Droga5 aren’t mugs, they probably get resume’s from dozens and dozens of people every day, touting there wares with varying degrees of zaniness and blandness. Cutting through that noise takes smarts. So how do you cut through?

Well, having a strong social presence is usually a good start, but more than that, you need to illustrate your value, and your point of view, in an interesting and compelling way. Ana got this spot on by presenting herself, her story and her work in a clear, and smart narrative. Her presentation lets you really get an understanding of not just what you are buying (skills), but also the personality behind those skills.

You might think this might sound like the most obvious thing in the world to do. And it is. But it’s so much harder to achieve in practice. It’s easy to get lost into a rabbit hole where the work we do defines us as people within the industry, whereas, the people we are, the influences we have, and things we do beyond the walls of work are actually as crucial, if not more important, because they help make the work better, because we embrace the very things that make us better at our jobs. Culture.

This presentation, helped me remember that. Offered clarity. Thanks Ana for your generosity, and good luck in your new role. (Sending something your way now…)


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Dandad Black Pencil

The D&AD winners were announced last night. Alas I was not there (next year though…) But the two pieces really stood out from the pencil winners. They both come from one of my favourite agencies out there – Droga 5.

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