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Awesome promo film for NYC in 1962. Ostensibly capturing the changes to the skyline and the ground (a promo for Equitable Life Assurance Co it seems), it also captures the reality of Manhattan life at that time. This really does feel like the time of the Mad Men. Music included. (Lots of cute jazz riffs).

And to think, with all this optimism, the city would be bankrupt and told to ‘Drop Dead’ 14 odd years later. Amazing.

(Via Buzzfeed)


Beautifully low key film from Intel profiling The Sartorialist (Aka Scott Schuman) on the streets of New York. The film (wonderfully shot by director Tyler Manson) is both a fascinating behind the scenes of Scott at work, as well as study in observation and dedication, and a mood that captures both the city and the idea perfectly. It’s also quite understated from Intel’s point of view. Will be following this one with interest if the rest of the films are of similar quality.


Filmmaker Alex Jablonski and cinematographer Michael Totten have, for the last year, filmed a short documentary each and every month, under the auspices of ‘The Sparrow Songs’. These short films create a snapshot of America (and specifically Southern California) in 2010. It reminds me of the 3six5 project in it’s diverse (and sometimes brave) subjects, but also tries to get underneath some of the issues and stories that dominate a society wrestling with it’s present malaise, and it’s future ambitions. These aren’t political caricatures, but are honest, open and fascinating films, whether you are inspired, or confused by the subjects themselves, they are beautifully done. I urge you to explore them all, but I’ve posted the one that fascinated me the most. The Donut Shop.