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This is an exceptional idea. Hemingway allows you to edit and verify the quality of your writing based on readability. It’s a one of those platforms that you wish you’d had for ages, as once you start using it, you can’t stop. It makes your writing exceptionally tight and clear. Which, for someone who loves using rather flowery language, is a useful and vital tool. Especially in helping writing for presentations.

(Written on Hemingway obviously…)

Access here. The desktop version is $5. Get on it.

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Campaign broke the new global Diesel ad campaign from one of my faves Anomaly. It’s a rather new and refreshing take on the what was becoming a tired old formula. Be stupid celebrates the spirit of stupidity, stupid has the balls to do stuff the sensible wouldn’t. It’s a nice idea that (in the film) re-positions Diesel (and founder Renzo Russo) as a stupid guy who followed his gut, while I wouldn’t be running round to the nearest Diesel store to snap up a pair of faded bootcuts, it’s a good idea executed really well, especially the copy. Check out the full set of ads and film after the jump.

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