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It might be just over 5 months old, and suitably brief, but there is some great thinking here about how the less salubrious parts of the internet actually hold some relevant keys to helping evolve our relationship with advertising ‘on’ the Internet.

Having spent a fair amount of time in this ‘Deep Web’ (especially around streaming sites), their methods are exceptionally effective, but in the hands of these pseudo-spammers, deeply frustrating. The classic waiting for 30 seconds to access content could be a far more entertaining and engaging experience if these same units and tricks were manipulated effectively by creatives as opposed to just spammers.

Certainly this presentation makes you think beyond the ‘traditional’ ad units that we all becoming accustomed to and creatively expired by. I’m sure the deep web has many more secrets that can be unlocked to tell more effective Brand stories.

(From Amber Horsburgh  & Julian Cole)

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