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A smart and unsettling art project here from Paolo Cirio; a New York based digital artist. He prints and pastes the ‘ghost’ images of people captured in Google Street View, in the exact places they were online. Very much a comment about how Google handles (or mis-handles) data such as this, it’s an unsettling, but also important project. One that fits neatly into the other street-view art projects that have sprung up around the platform. With the whole Apple Maps debacle bringing accuracy of data to the fore, it’s an interesting time to bring a project that highlights the consequence of that accuracy to the fore

Full slideshow of the project can be found HERE.

(Original post inspiration over at Rubbishcorp®)

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PSFK good brand report purple list

As a response to Superbrands – that ever bizarre and now seemingly decrepit brand guide, the good people at PSFK, with help of the members (guess who…)  of the purple list helped compile a more rounded and dare I say modern approach to assessing brands in 2009…

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A great article from the NYT on the evolution and importance of annual Superbowl logo, there’s certainly a few trends that start to evolve as you go along. I personally love the early ones Superbowl III and X, and XIII stand out for me, and Superbowl VII looks just like it was lifted from the opening titles of Superman II (or maybe it was the other way round…)

Here are also one of the best finishes to a Superbowl ever.

And of course, a classic Superbowl commercial (from 1984)

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