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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the new Nike work ‘Find Your Greatness’. As opposed to Adidas rather limp ‘Take the Stage’ Olympic work, Find Your Greatness is the result of great strategic thinking, allied to a return to a more simple and in some regard ‘classic’ Nike style. While you can watch the launch ad here, the ad (above) is probably the best distillation of the idea. The Art Direction evokes a Nike style not seen since the 80’s and 90’s while the copywriting is truthful and equally hypnotic. Another superb entry into what (for me) has been one of Nike’s strongest years in a while. From FuelBand, to #makeitcount, FlyKnit and ‘I Would Run To You’. Nike has got it’s groove back.


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Here are two ads from the biggest sports brands in the world. One, is a grandly produced, epic, hyper edited monster, covering seemingly every single touchpoint, from fashion, to subculture, to sport and back, soundtracked by one of the worlds most recognised ‘hipster’ bands, that all rolled into one, is designed to hit you with the force of truck.

The other is made up of old recycled ads, from a treasure trove of over 25 years.

Nike’s new ad hasn’t really had a huge amount of airplay. (That I know of) The theme of the ad (sustainability and Nike’s green credentials) could well be the reason for this, although that doesn’t reduce it to mere throwaway artefact.

The thing that struck me was the power of consistency.

Nike has it in spades. Adidas is seemingly still searching for it.

Nike ads/sites/print/etc. While each unique, are fused with the consistency of the brand. Each creative output, epitomises ‘Just Do It’ (Even though that line hasn’t been seen around in a while) They have daring and provocation hardwired into them.

Adidas has none of this. This might be overly harsh on one of the worlds biggest and most well known brands, but what DOES Adidas stand for? Sure this Ad, in it’s attempt to capture the vastness of it’s world, and tie it all up into a catchy little slogan, is slick, epic and packed full of high energy, but it still feels like a transient campaign, not a definition of WHO they are, and what they stand for as a guiding principle.

Adidas might have the buzz, but Nike has the substance. That’s where the Brand plays a role beyond campaign. I think I’ll go with the substance every time.

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