This is a hugely atmospheric and smart piece of work for Honda in Japan. The idea sees them tapping into their heritage in Formula1, and of course, the most iconic driver to ever slip into one of their cars. Ayrton Senna.

In 1989, Senna set the fastest lap of all time in F1 at the Suzuka circuit in Japan. Using the original telemetry data, the sounds of that world record lap have been recreated around the track.

Shot at night, the lights track the sound at the speed the car went around the track, combining to create a hugely atmospheric piece of content. It’s both a wonderful tribute to Ayrton Senna himself, but also re-affirms the long lasting influence that Honda has had as a car and engine manufacturer. It’s a nice use of (very obvious) data sets to tell a great story. Some of the cutaways capture people in sheer delight at this experience, and I can’t say I blame them. A fantastic piece of work.

(See the making of below…)


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Nike seems to be on a roll at the moment. Beyond their usual epic TV and print campaigns, we are seeing some gorgeous stuff being produced further down the food chain. The (re)launch of 1948 London, with the fabulous iPad app and website to go along with the Shoreditch space, has created a real buzz around London again. This hyper-detailed account of the making of the awesome Nike Better World website shows off Nike’s commitment to innovation in whatever medium going.

But, while we marvel at these pieces of creative execution, it’s easy to forget just where all this innovation stems from. The shoes. It seems to be that there is a rather interesting innovation unit buried deep within the Beaverton headquarters, called, aptly, ‘The Kitchen’ (Official title: Nike Sports Research Lab)

Helpfully, The Kitchen has decided to show off a little bit of it’s wares. Channeling ‘Tales From The Crypt’, A psychedelic smorgasboard similar to ‘The Electric Company’ (with a soundtrack lifted straight from Henry Mancini’s The Pink Panther). Tales From The Kitchen tells the story of Nike Hyperfuse. And what a story it is. This is such a fabulous piece of work, because not only does it show you what makes the Nike creative process tick, but also shows how great creativity happens, testing, tweaking, exploring, digging. The animation in all it’s psychedelic glory, cuts away the marketing fluff, and shows just why Nike is always at the forefront of Innovation.

I like. More please.


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Baseball might not be everyone’s taste, with it’s emphasis on statistics as much on the actual emotive aspects of the game. But, as with football here, it has a long and rich history, with some teams as old as our most venerable football institutions, and just the same amount of passion.

The intersection of history and statistics, is brilliantly bought to life with the Pennant app. An interactive guide through the history of all 32 Major League ballclubs. The truly awesome thing about the app is the great UX. (The film below gives you a clear run through of how it works). There is so much detail, so much depth in here from a purely informational standpoint that it boggles the mind, acting more as an interactive encyclopedia than just a series of stats.

There are limitations to it, video content and press clippings for teams would add an emotional edge that is lacking with just stats, but the potential for more of this is absolutely inherent. Even more exciting, is how this idea could be translated across a whole host of sports, from basketball, American football and even our own Football teams.

Check it out. (Video HERE)

(Via Chitwood & Hobbs)

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As you do on Holiday, I devoured books like Godzilla over Tokyo. I took a really great range of books, some political (and eerily prescient) to the salacious, but fascinatingly detailed story of a Star (more on this one next time) and another Peter Biskind book that felt like you needed a degree in film theory and cold war politics to truly understand. While Miss. Mullen took what seemed like every single Malcolm Gladwell book going and devoured each and every one.

But secretly, I had taken a book that I had waited months to read, to find the perfect spot, the perfect atmosphere to soak it up, for I knew that this book would be an indulgence of the highest order. 700 pages of pure unadulterated Basketball. From the first page to the last Bill Simmons book The Book Of Basketball was a love letter to a sport that is much more than the sum of it’s parts.

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Julius Erving Pick And Roll Tumblr

Another week, another Tumblr…. But this one is a little different, digging up the basketball visual nuggets from Naismith to LeBron and everything in between in the always colourful world of the NBA. (With a little bit of the ABA thrown in.) Here’s a few choice cuts…

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Boxing Haye

Say no more really, a pretty impressive feat.

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Over the last couple of years, the NBA has done a fantastic job of advertising and building the reputation of the league.

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