Found this great site via Agency Spy, who posted up this fantastic Blackberry Ad. I love the simple idea, and shows that Blackberry has some balls to fight the onslaught of the iPhone. I’ve not been convinced by the effectiveness of their communication, it’s so bland, you just know it was death by committee. It ends up coming across like those horrible ads you see during the World Cup or the Olympics, but with 10 times more complexity. What should be a great time saving all-in-one device becomes a frigging rubiks cube of unfathomable clichés… Lets hope this (banned) ad points the way. A little bit more ‘bite’.

While on the website (which I highly recommend) I caught this little ditty from Heineken – the walk in fridge… It’s a slow burner but I’m totally in awe to how they did this. Kudos.

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Love this.


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Street Boners & TV Carnage is by Gavin MacInnes – formally of Vice – now as anyone will tell you, Vice jumped the shark a few years ago when it started in Britain, the Old Blue Last was alright for a while but the rest of it, too much Topshop, Landfill Indie, middle class guilt grime and all the rest… Always one of the highlights was the do’s and dont’s, but that lost it’s way too. Now via the grace of Street Boners and TV Carnage it’s back in business! And harsher than ever. Here’s some highlights. check the rest out HERE.

StreetBoner 1

StreetBoner 2

StreetBoner 3

StreetBoner 4

and some TV Carange…

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Colbert roasts Bush at the White House Press Corps Dinner April 29th 2006

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