Colbert roasts Bush at the White House Press Corps Dinner April 29th 2006

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Some you know, some you don’t, there all classics though

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Yes, after 8 years of lies, subterfuge, idiocy, mainpulation, torture and grammatical errors it’s finally time to say goodbye to Geroge Walker Bush. While we bask in the anticipation of the Obama presidency, it’s interesting to note how most liberal media outlets are almost looking on the the Bush legacy with a wistfulness. the inherent comedy of the Bush White house looks to be replaced by (dare I say it) competency and reason. Where’s the satire going to come from? Where does the vitriol go? In light of the upcoming satire drought, theKingMob will  post some highlights of the last fagggy embers of the Bush presidency – the lows, the real lows and the filth covered, two girls one cup lows of Dubya.

Lets begin with a trusted source – John Stewart.


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