This week marks the start of the now traditional flight of the start-up, interactive and (increasingly) advertising communities flight’s to Austin and the Interactive week of SXSW. No doubt if you keep your twitter feed open through out the next week, you will be deluged by the comments flowing in that will quite probably leave you feeling extremely jealous, and hankering after some Texan hospitality, and the BBQ (This one looks particuarly good)

But, what of us mere mortal’s left in our corner of East London tech paradise? Surely we can compete on some level with the month long ubiquity of of SXSW? (For those that don’t know, there are film and music weeks to complement the Interactive week).  Step forward good friends Albion, with their very London, and very good take on SXSW. NSEW.

NSEW will have the same broad based approach as SXSW. Lots of interesting music (some of supplied by yours truly on launch night this Friday) as well as such luminaries as Hercules And Love Affair, Giles Deacon (in conversation on Saturday) as well as the must attend ‘Not @SXSW’ live link up on Monday. There’s a huge range of stuff going on all across London, so it’s probably worth visiting this website, and taking your pick…

It might be great in Austin, but London hasn’t given up the ghost yet…

Get your tickets for the launch party here!

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Not much too say really, just resize the browser, and away you go. There loads more, and it’s AWESOME.

(Via Conrad Lisco)

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Sometimes we all need an alibi. The odd little white lie saying we’re at home, but really we are at the bar with someone else. Of course, with pretty much everyone lifecasting at some level, there will inevitably be a slip up here and there. Luckily, My 4Square Alibi has been created to help just this problem. Check in anywhere around the world, when you’re not there. The possibilities are endless. Let the location based lying begin!

(Nice little bit of work from the The Famous Group, their blogpost on Alibi is here)

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A Game Of Love 1970's Movie Poster

This set is from the seedy world of early 70’s porn films, the sort of thing that would infest Times Square and Brewer Street in Soho around the time, and the venues so memorably bough to (venal) life in Taxi Driver. It seems funny that films that are so one dimensional in their approach (Prisons, college etc.), could have such funny and vivid (and downright out of order) promotional tools. See the whole set here, and some choice cuts (in 3D!!) after the click…

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Flash Agan Harahap

This is a very strange project from the Indonesian Photographer Agan Harathap Combining popular superheroes in Military situations. Obviously, comic book characters have previous with this (Captain America was created as a propoganda tool for the American public in World War II.) But it’s really rather bizarre to see modern updates of these characters in these situations. It reminds me a little bit of the opening credits of watchmen, where the superheroes affected real world events. Apart from Darth Vader (obviously) More weird and wonderful creations after the jump.

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Christian Debt

Junk email from this morning. GOLD. I will be posting something of a similar variety soon… Don’t miss it.

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Baconnaise Daily Show

OK, this is a bit of a weird one. But an oh so tasty one…

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