It’s always a cliché, but true. January 1st gives you an opportunity to re-assess, and in the case of this blog. Reboot. I said I’d do it a number of times in 2013, but frankly, I had other things on my mind. (New country, 2 new cities, 2 jobs, it all went off). However, I was inspired to come back stronger than before by Bud’s relevant post on the same subject matter. This quote sums it up nicely:

“My blog is a safe place where I can try out all of my new ideas, without the need to be pithy or friend-safe, and it also helps me collect all of my favorite reads in one place. My blog is my best resume and I don’t think I would have landed any of my recent jobs without the product and process of it. ”

My blog has morphed numerous times since I started in 2009. It focussed more intensely on digital practices as the years moved on, and with my full-fledged jump into a strategic role at Spring Studios, (as opposed to operating in a fuzzier hybrid environment), this blog now gives me another opportunity to explore the impact and implications of my thinking.

This gets at the heart of why this blog is called the Society Of The Spectacle. The Situationists, among other things, were fundamentally curious. Debord’s book of the same name seeks to reveal answers (and solutions) by peeling back the layers of ‘unreality’ in the world. In the same sort of fashion, this is what this blog should aim to do. Peel back layers to reveal insights, ideas and disruptions that shake us out of current thinking, and make us better in the process. In doing so, it might hopefully, inspire people that might come across those posts, and work out my own brain cells to boot.

Here’s to a 2014 of becoming smarter in the world.


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