Dream Concert Art Show.

andre dream concert series

André is not exactly an artist that sits on his hands. His handiwork adorns everything from whisky to hotels and clubs. But, beyond the dilution of the André brand still lurks an artist at heart, which is why I was pleased to find that these mysterious posters that popped throughout downtown Manhattan were André (Via pseudo patron Kitsuné…) handiwork.

The Dream Concert Poster Series is exactly that. What would it look like if your favorite bands of all time had shared the same bill? How seismic would the impact of been of seeing all 5 Britpop titans at one venue have been? What collaborations would have been sprung from Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Joan Baez and Rodriquez sharing the same bill?

Covering almost all genres and decades of musical culture, these pieces tug at the emotions of ‘I was there’. We’ve all had it; the concert that could never be replaced or forgotten, the iconic moment where you knew you were part of history… It’s one of the ever-lasting great allures of live music; finding that holy grail, that ‘Manchester Free Trade Hall’ moment. (For reference, mine are Daft Punk 2007, David Axelrod 2004, Brian Wilson performs ‘Pet Sounds’ 2002, and Spiritualized® ‘Acoustic Mainlines’ 2006 & ‘Ladies & Gentleman We Are Floating In Space 2009.) The posters tap into that longing, and frankly, would look great as a series of prints, (which, from previous André experience, these almost certainly will be.)

Look out for them in a city near you…


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