In my return blogpost yesterday, I talked about the sort of projects that I wanted to cover. The one’s that fell through the cracks. With so much stuff constantly being pumped out onto social networks, it’s so easy to lose things that actually are quite relevant or interesting both for their successes and their failures. Especially if the ‘hive mind’ might have missed it.

I came across one of those examples last week. It made Adweek’s ‘Ad of The Day’ but other than that just seemed to drift into the void. Which is strange when you consider who was involved, but less so when you actually examine what this piece of work is meant to do.

Hudson Rouge, the WPP bespoke unit for Lincoln Motor Cars, teamed up with Beck and Radical Media’s Chris Milk (He of the Chrome Experiment’s fame,) to create an interactive ‘In the round’ performance of David Bowie’s (seemingly everywhere these days…) 1977 hit  ‘Sound & Vision’. At HelloAgain,  the user can switch between various cameras of the performance, including distorting them to create striking kaleidoscopic visual treats. Combined with a distinctive use of sound (Sound and Vision geddit?) that enhances the interactive experience no end, you would think this would be an absolute winner from the get go.

But, somehow, it just doesn’t all come together. Certainly as an Interactive piece, it’s just too clunky, with far too many moving parts, even though it was clearly a huge technical challenge. (Read this article over at Wired for the full run-down.) Then there’s the role of Lincoln the brand. Apart from the fact that someone has been spending too much time on fffound (check the ‘Hello Again’ pseudo Hipster Branding,) Lincoln feels exceptionally removed from the overall story they are trying to tell. Which means this just becomes a very expensive badging exercise. A great idea drowned in it’s sense of self importance. Which is a shame as the combination of art and technology on display here should really ramp up to something more.

However, judge for yourself… Becks version of Sound And Vision is rather stunning if nothing else.

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