Inside The Vintage Showroom.

If you ever ventured down to Portobello Road on a Friday or indeed, a Saturday, for many years you would have (hopefully) stumbled upon the world of The Vintage Showroom. A stall that was truly ahead of it’s time in the whole mens vintage game. It’s influence, and sharp eye for authentic pieces, has been instrumental in bringing to life a whole world of highly authentic Americana. The sort of stuff that dominates Tumblr blogs from New York to Tokyo and back again.

The Vintage Showroom is now fully established in Covent Garden, (with their first book hurtling into stores soon). Over on (my new favourite site) PORT Magazine. The boys behind the Showroom, Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett gives us a peek behind their vast collection and give us some of their opinions about where mens fashion is going. But what I love about this video more than it’s crystal ball predictions on fashion, is the passion and clarity the guys bring to their craft. It’s a simple message to keep at the back of our minds as creatives. Be focussed, be passionate, and always be authentic.

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