One Memento; A Photographic Experiment.

We are a world, saturated in photos. Social platforms have given more opportunities to log our lives than ever before, the Hubble Telescope takes photos of planets and systems billions of kilometers away, the Mars Rover gives us close up details of Mars like it’s a Flickr photo. And of course, where would be without Instagram and it’s billions and billions of photos of people taking photos of food. So when project come along such as One Momento, dealing in scarcity rather then abundance, it’s always worth further investigation.

So what is it? Well it’s an iPhone App that doubles as an Art/Experience/Photographic project. Coming from the excellent minds of RehabStudio, it asks the photographer  to commit to the project. This can either be a shot you’ve already taken, or one that you might want to capture in the future. It doesn’t demand attention, but sits there as a space where you can pick ‘the one’.  The overtones from the hugely successful ‘Beauty Of A Second’ Project from Wim Wenders & Montblanc last year are I’m sure deliberate. What I like about it more, is the power you can imbue with just that one shot, that captures a second of time. The project forces you to take consider both longevity and story. As with the greatest photographs ever taken, there is the moment that it is documenting, the story it is conveying, and the impact that it’s release has within a wider culture. Now, I’m not arguing that One Memento will capture anything as graphic Robert Capa, or chilling as Don McCullin, but it does force the photographer with One Memento in their hands to consider what they want to say with their one shot, more than any technical manipulation. Collated alongside the 250,000 other participants, it will be fascinating to see who and what people commit to film. Hopefully it should mean alot less flowers and food pics… Petapixel has a good round-up of how to use the app here.  

(I’m Memento 2839 BTW).

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