The Sound Of The Dark Knight.

I’ve now seen the Dark Knight Rises twice. While there are no doubt plot holes (as has been pointed out especially well in these Reddit posts including SPOILERS), there visual achievement of the films (especially in IMAX), is unboubted. One of the most underrated elements of the Nolan Batman films, and of course Inception is the sound and music. Hans Zimmer in particular, has created a visceral soundscape that is fast becoming a genre all of it’s own. If indeed you have never heard the Inception soundtrack, then I urge you to watch and listen to it performed live with Johnny Marr on guitar (It’s epic. The music starts around 7.30). This film delves into the thinking and processes for Zimmer and the sound team at large. I love how Zimmer blends analogue and digital elements to create something truly sonically unique.  Well worth a watch.

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