Kitsune America.

Always a big fan of the Kitsuné Brand (I own a significant amount of their clothes to be fair), there records have always been no slouch. Introducing many an interesting hipster-esque band to the world. (One thinks of The Teenagers in this regard). So it’s no surprise to see (and hear) that the new Kitsuné album ‘America’ is up to the usual high standards. What makes it even more interesting is this cute little idea merging physical and digital to get the compilation across to a wider audience. Using ‘Sound Graffiti’ stations across the city, people can listen to the album in some rather interesting and bizarre locations. There’s much more you could do with this idea in terms of engaging the brands fans in finding these stations; (working around something with Foursquare could be awesome for example), but overall it’s a nice idea and as it comes from Kitsuné (and NYC Creative Agency CNNCTD+) the quality standard is as high as ever.

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