Advertising For People Who Dont Like Advertising.

One my favourite ad agencies ever has to be Kessels Kramer. There approach to creativity has always been a bedrock for what I felt advertising agencies should aim for (but more often that not, fall short). Their books therefore, have become something of a touchstone for me and many others. (Recommended: 2Kilos and my the ‘DO’ series). So it’s always a pleasure to see them coming up with another tome to provoke and inspire in equal measure. The typically irreverent ‘Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising’ (of which we know there are many). The book provides a platform for those who to them, advertising is much less than the sum of it’s parts. The quality of the interviewees (the inclusion of Alex Bogusky on this subject is a bit of coup) is excellent, and should provide the usual excellent level of brain fodder for those in and around Advertising, and no doubt embed some relevant questions about what it’s all about in 2012…

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