The Deleted City.

Most of us remember Geocities in some way shape or form. I personally remember there being some great pages dedicated to 60’s psych and other weird delights like that. It turns out that before it was shut down in 2010, and 35 million pages of fandom and weirdness were lost forever, (it was the third most popular website in the 1990’s), The Archive Team downloaded and archived the 650gigabytes of data held on the site. This has now been turned into an interactive installation of digital archeology. The Deleted City  is the result.

Seeing this, it got me thinking if our digital data is as transient as it once was with Geocities. Even though facebook’s implosion (or sale) is almost impossible to imagine now, this is still an evolving and relatively new world, a the lie of the land may look settled today, but that doesn’t mean it will always be so. It would be strange to think of facebook becoming a digital archeology site like geocities does here, but it’s not impossible in a world that’s breaking boundaries and evolutionary cycles as rapidly as the world wide web.

(Via Giles Phelps/Tommy Spirit)

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