Cartier Goes Mental.

Having worked on a number of luxury projects a few years back, I can attest how much fun they are to work on, especially when the brand itself throws some dough at it.

Cartier’s new ‘ad’ (it feels much more like a film in truth), has certainly had money thrown at it as well as the kitchen sink, and all that cash on straight up on screen, it’s suitably bonkers as a result. Ostensibly an ad about Cartier’s history, and a celebration of the Brands 165th Birthday, it’s 3 minutes of Dodgy metaphors and strange leaps of narrative and some sublime, beautiful visuals. The spot is directed by Bruno Aveillan, who has previous with Louis Vuitton, Shangri La Hotels among others. (They are worth watching for their own lapses of sanity, trust me).

In an age where luxury brands are grasping the nettle of how to innovate in the digital arena, creating un parallelled access for their customers and fans, this feels like a massive throwback. But, conversely, it’s is so well put together, so ambitious, you can’t helped but be impressed. A real guilty pleasure. So, for once, let’s indulge ourselves.

(Via Brand Channel)

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