The Avengers Remix.

Marvel’s grand 4 years (plus) in the making film of the Avengers is now mere months away. The studio has done a masterful job of teasing the film. From the ‘wait until the end of the film’ clips from the Marvel films (Iron Man 1/2, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America), that led to the teaser of the first Avengers trailer last year, through to this months monster 3.00 trailer that left most fanboys on the floor dribbling with anticipation. Marvel has set the bar high for the film.

As you would expect for a film backed with such a fervent fanbase, some things have started to appear on the Internet that utilise fan and remix culture to give a different spin on the action. This example (paired with the 3.00 minute trailer for comparison),  uses slices of the 1960’s cartoon versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to mirror the trailer. It serves no higher purpose, but is a great illustration as to how far the Marvel Universe has evolved since the Golden Age in the 1960’s, (animation techniques and all), but also makes you feel that the film luckily, will not stray very far from where the Avengers always was. Slightly ludicrous, but awesome fun.

We’ll have to wait until May to find out for sure if the film has delivered on it’s roots. But it’s another proof how the internet and remix/fan culture can find different points of view that help explain and expand an original idea.

(Via Creative Social)

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