1 Second Everyday.

This project, premiered at TED 2012 in Long Beach last week. Creative Director Cesar Kuriyama, quit his job, and is now recording one second of everyday in his 30’s. (Which will equate to a 1 hour film of that decade). The video above edits those clips together from 2011 – Feb 2012 (I assume the day of the TED talk itself).

An incredibly simple idea, this is heartwarming, honest and deeply intriguing. The simplest thing to come out of this is something that you forget quite easily.

Alot can happen in a second.

In Cesar’s year, you can instantly pick up real human emotions that feel familair to all of us, but are experienced in unique ways too. Laughter, joy, relaxation, tension, boredom, contemplation, the end moments with his sister-in-law are particularly raw. Kuriyama admits. “We take our cameras out when we’re doing awesome things; we rarely do that when something horrible is happening.” . I’m not sure why this is so inspiring”

I took something else more personal out of it. Do more with your time. Each second counts.

(H/T @nicowen There doesn’t seem to be a TED video up on this yet, when there is, I’ll update.)

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