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We Feel Fine, was one of the first truly unique explorations of the psyche of the Internet. A hugely influential (and beautiful) piece of work. Now, it’s creator, Johnathan Harris, is back in the digital storytelling fray with a new concept; Cow Bird.

Although still under wraps, Harris, in this interview with Frog Design begins to explain some of the thoughts behind the idea (that has taken over two years to craft). The over-arching thought is based around the re-configuring and re-vitalising storytelling as a long form narrative in the digital space. Harris thought goes that ‘real time’ social networks have eroded a storytelling to a series of ‘fragmentary reactions to things’. The ambition of the project is in effect to slow the pace down of online storytelling so the elements have time to gestate, and resonate.

CowBird uses fragments of peoples lives to tell long-form stories online using photos, sound maps, timelines, videos, and casts of characters. Creating in effect, a ‘meta story’ where other peoples stories interact and thread together based on their commonalities.

It’s worth reading the full interview, as Harris delves deeper and deeper into the thinking that goes behind this. But, it most certainly sounds like an intriguing project, and a must see when it finally arrives on our computers.

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