It’s been awhile since I posted a photographer here (seems much easier to use my pins/twitter feed to achieve that), but I so totally enamoured with the colours, the style, the slightly ‘family’ ness of some of the photos that I felt a larger post was due.

Harper Smith is, as you can tell, a photographer. Her work is a slice through a dark, but still alluring world of the American desert and Los Angeles loucheness. The set of photographs above, remind me of the rather strange (and impossibly rare) film ‘American Dreamer’ that Dennis Hopper shot in 1972. Which is pretty damn weird in itself. But I’m a sucker for this sort of style. It’s beautiful observation, and hopelessly alluring.

You can view all her photos here, and if you are enamoured enough with them, there is an Etsy store here too.

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