Well, Cannes Lions 2011 has passed. Another chapter in Advertising’s sordid history with booze and awards has been written. This is the first Cannes I’ve followed intensely, helped along my road to jealousy by Instagram especially among other usual suspects. However, the quality of work on show was excellent, and there were some really inspiring pieces that were awarded beyond the obvious ones that we all know and *love* (and therefore don’t have to mention here).

But the real interesting action seemed to be happening in the margins. Both in development of applications surrounding the festival, and also in critiques of the Lions relevancy. Friends, Creative Social put in a good effort with their work of Instacanneslions, as well as the ‘Gutter Barometer’, but also providing one of the most thoughtful posts on the whole Cannes scene and some great behind the scenes thoughts from the judging panels.

There was also a healthy round of talks, symposiums and what-nots to feed the hungry mind, (though not neccesarily the thirsty Rosé palette or fresh seafood deprived tastebuds). With that in mind, @jessedee has compiled the 100 most beautiful slides from Cannes. Not only are some of these well put together (which makes a change), they are also informative, and worth a perusal at your leisure.


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