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Library Music, is one of the strangest, but also most familiar musical genres you can ever encounter. Library, (in it’s heyday of the late 60’s to late ’70’s) provided some of the most popular theme tunes of British TV. Yet, was made to order, by faceless studio musicians, the ultimate session men (who became cult heroes in their own right), and helped soundtrack an entire era as familiarly as the Beatles or Stones.

Each album was created to reflect a certain mood, a certain place, or style. While some of it was as muzak as you could get, much of the music made was as abstract and adventurous as it comes. In the last 10 to 15 years, a cult of beat collectors and purveyors of the strange and wonderful have helped created a rising interest in this much-maligned genre. In this programme from Radio4, one of the key architects of this revival,  Johnny Trunk (he who runs the awesome Trunk Records, where you’ll find lots of amazing and obscure re-issues), gives the beginner listener a crash course in why this music should be cherished and savoured.

Well worth a listen.

Into The Music Library

P.S Here’s a link to Spotify Playlist I made of some of the best examples of Library recordings available on Spotify. GET IT HERE)

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