Baseball might not be everyone’s taste, with it’s emphasis on statistics as much on the actual emotive aspects of the game. But, as with football here, it has a long and rich history, with some teams as old as our most venerable football institutions, and just the same amount of passion.

The intersection of history and statistics, is brilliantly bought to life with the Pennant app. An interactive guide through the history of all 32 Major League ballclubs. The truly awesome thing about the app is the great UX. (The film below gives you a clear run through of how it works). There is so much detail, so much depth in here from a purely informational standpoint that it boggles the mind, acting more as an interactive encyclopedia than just a series of stats.

There are limitations to it, video content and press clippings for teams would add an emotional edge that is lacking with just stats, but the potential for more of this is absolutely inherent. Even more exciting, is how this idea could be translated across a whole host of sports, from basketball, American football and even our own Football teams.

Check it out. (Video HERE)

(Via Chitwood & Hobbs)

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