This week, Google Creative Lab developer @alexanderchen launched www.mta.me, which promptly set the twitterverse ablaze with it’s musical loveliness, through the real time tracking of NYC Subway.

But it’s also not the first, or in some reagrds, the best. You see, while my usual internet voyages, I stumbled upon something that while not as simple, as ‘now’ as mta.me with it’s HTML5/Javascript loveliness,  is just as compelling, with the added bonus of being denser, trickier, more rewarding than it’s sister idea. (OK, well it did win FWA site of the day too…)

Isle Of Tune
is like the Sims of internet musical interfaces. Put the different houses, trees and such like in different places and watch  and listen to your musical town click together. It’s not that easy to start with admittedly. (Scrub that, it’s FUCKING hard), but the reality of all of these musical sites is not ot have you channeling your inner Stockhausen or Eno, or even your inner James Blunt (God forbid). It’s to get you to appreciate play and experiment with these platforms, all interaction, 100% of the time. That’s what I really love about all these sites. They inspire you to just have fun. And that’s no bad thing. Don’t believe me?  Listen to this version of Beat It and try not to smile. Amazin’.

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