One of the things Im looking to do this year (apart from take over the world obviously) is engage much more with Flickr. My increasing use of Hisptamatic (especially the excellent Goodby, Siverstein & Partners Dali extension pack) and of course, the tech/ad/design geeks new darling Instagram, combined with a brand spanking new Leica D-Lux5 camera has meant that Flickr has gained much more traction for me as a great creative and sharing forum.

It’s also still the bomb for amazing and surprising sets of images. One such collection that has really taken my breath away with it’s breadth and uniqueness is the Library of Congress collection. With over 12,00o photos in total, it’s well worth a deep deep dive into the archives. Personal faves ranged from this staggering collection of jazz imagery from the 1940’s and early 50’s that brilliantly evokes the energy and fervour in jazz at the dawn of BeBop, as well as this set of colour photographs from the 1930’s and 1940’s. The depression and pre war America captured as the stuff of fantasies and nightmares. While the images of Baseball in the 1910’s are both charming and quaint. A long way away from the baseball of today.

But the highlight has to go to the ‘greatest hits’ set (The FSA/OWI Collection). Led off with the iconic  Dorothea Lange image of a Depression era family. Caught between hope, hopelessness and defiance.

A stunning collection, and all downloadable as well, free of Creative Commons.

Get exploring.

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