I’ve never been a massive fan of Last.fm, it sort of passed me by, and I went straight to Spotify as a more intuitive and familiar music service. However, recently I stumbled over the peculiar delights of Stereomood. As any good online brand should do, it’s name gives the game away pretty quickly. This is ‘Free Emotional Internet Radio’ with music channels based on mood, as opposed to genres. These moods are suitably diverse (as you would expect), but also, funnily enough, work. I found myself drifting off last night to sublime sounds of the ‘dreamy’ playlist, was surprised by the diversity, and range of tracks. The sites design is also cool. Homespun, and open, with users backgrounds photos adding an extra layer of personalisation and warmth, while the scrobbling is spot on, so I’ve never had a track drop out of streaming. It certainly aims to look, act and feel less technical than it’s Internet Radio competitors. Check it out.

Stereomood (via it’s em)

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