Another superb Kickstarter project. This will be the third one I have backed so far, and judging by the amount of donations so far ($11,000+ at the time of writing) and the days left to back it (42 days) this has all the makings of a Kickstarter smash hit. Moveable Type: Cross Country Adventures in Printing.

The idea is relatively simple. Take a Moveable Type press across the country in the back of a converted postal van, stopping off at fairs, schools, festivals, art shows, and pretty much anywhere else that is interested in having a go and printing and making stuff. A project conceived for no other purpose than to share and spread a passion for an art that is both centuries old, but also relatively confined to the pursuit of the few (due mainly to the cost, expertise needed and size of the presses themselves), it really captured my attention.  This is a classic Kickstarter project, and shows why this platform is one of the best web innovations this year. It removes barriers to participation. Even if that participation is just of a financial variety. There is rewrd in helping someone build participation in their craft. I dare you not to be charmed by Kyle Durrie intro video. If you are interested, you can follow the story of Power And Light Press here or, like on facebook here. Or, get involved with the project itself…

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