So, The Klaxons, after a looooooong hiatus, came back with their second album this year. I think it’s safe to say it didn’t exactly set the world alight. Therefore, cynic in me therefore sees the new music video for ‘Twin Flames’ by director Saam Farahmand as nothing other than a tactic to shock and awe the Daily Mail masses and generate a some buzz. It may well do that with it’s content. However, when I was shown this by fellow Partizan director Ollie Evans, it caught my eye, crucially, beyond it’s shock quota, it holds up as an interesting and compelling piece of work. It reveals itself in a way that is both sensual and sick, slickly twisted with it’s liberal dollops of the human centipede-ness. But, importantly, it enhances the song, visually grabbing you by the throat in ways that the best music promos always do. Take a look. (Probably, but not definitely NSFW)

Via Creative Review (credits here too) & Ollie

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