Google seemingly are coming out with more and more great stuff these days. The Creative Lab seems to be a one stop shop of creative and strategic innovations (Oh the things you can do with limitless budgets…) and always fun and exciting. This latest experiment is the Google Slam, as Google say themselves, the intention of Google Slam is to become a totally new approach to tech demo’s. No more impenetrable language, or laborious instructional videos or manuals (perish the thought). This is technology and innovation humaized. Here’s the cool thing, not only by people within Google, but harnessing the creativity of the public in general. Hence the fact that anybody can, and is encouraged to enter their own ‘slam’. Two videos then face off in a battle royal each week, the winner, by natural selection is the one that tells that tech story with imagination, creativity and simplicity.

I recently went to a Google event where they presented a number of demos with the same enthusiasm and zeal that is on show here. Certainly the Google Goggles video (below) that I voted for, was a fun and simple way of showing off the power of the tech itself, but also the vim and verve that obviously powers Google as a brand, and as a business. It’s hugely affecting and inspiring. Google, in the last few months, with it’s various successes and failures writ large, is doing much to turn my head from an opinion I had conceived earlier on this year about reneging on their ‘Don’t Be Evil’ mantra and a move towards becoming another monopoly in the same way Mircosoft was. While domination of one or many sectors is the enemy of innovation in many respects, Google is finding new ways to create interesting and fun engagement that isn’t feeling like it throttles that innovation, thats exciting by any margin. Now lets get to work.

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