Remember him? That hope and change guy that had everyone in a tizz a couple of years ago? Yep, thought so.

While the Obama Whitehouse might be struggling to find it’s political feet before the onslaught of the Congressional Mid-Terms, Scott Thomas, the designer behind the Obama ’08 Campaign brand has very generously distributed the book online for free. (Or you can buy it iPad here) Designing Obama is a fascinating creative journey, that shows the simple power of a compelling brand identity. It’s ability to act as both a rallying cry/unifying thought, but also it’s felxibility. The book moves smoothly from the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the brand, how Scott and his team evolved to the Obama mark, and onto how the man (and his brand) gave artists a platform to express all the hope and optimism of that campaign. The breadth of artisitic goodness on display is inspiring in the extreme. Obama 08′ brand will go down in design history, the book is an inspiring insight into that process. Let’s just hope that the 44th President keeps doing the brave and bold things he needs to to reflect the hope and change that his brand predicated.

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