Check this lovely film out from Cool Hunting, on the collaboration between GQ’s ‘American Designer of the Year’  Billy Reid, and Levi’s. Levi’s has really got it’s groove back the last few years, with some great collaborations from such luminaries as Opening Ceremony, and the brilliantly executed ‘Go Forth’ Campaign from W+K NY. (More on this in the next few days) , but this is really special, it illustrates perfectly the value of history to a brand. Most brands don’t have a tenth of the heritage that Levi’s has, which is why it baffled me that for so many years Levis seemingly ran away from their heritage in a race to the middle ground. Levi’s journey back to relevancy has been helped by a return to more authentic brands and style (certainly within Menswear), but, however long the journey has been, it’s one that I’m overjoyed that Levi’s have made. This collaboration, (which is reasonably priced as well), is a brilliant enscapsulation of that journey. It’s so good, I just bought the denim shirt that takes pride of place in the video. Check it out at Bloomingdales.com

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