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No, this isn’t a new meme like DoubleLOLZKeyboardCat type meme, it’s in fact the new project from 2011 ANDY awards in collaboration with old faves (see my logo piece from last year) VICTOR & SPOILS (The Squirrel Fight is the name of their ‘non-ranked’ digital engine in case you were wondering). Last year, as many might remember the ANDY’s ‘crowdsourced’ their Jury. It encompassed hundreds of brilliant thinkers, planners and creators, from across the creative universe, generating tons of press, and sparked the usual debates over crowdsourcing. Beyond the rhetoric, this was a smart way on engaging new people with the Awards themselves, (certainly from this side of the Atlantic) and offered a chance for something different from an award jury. In 2010, the ANDY’s are back.

The idea is pretty simple, create the best call for entries, (judged by these guys) and the winner gets a seat on the 2010 Jury. With such a simple idea, it’s nice that V&S have done a good job of making the site, and the attitude of the experiment whimsical and fun. It sets the stage for people to get creative while enjoying the process, and the opportunity to win what is a pretty damn awesome prize, especially if you are just trying to break into the business. Nice work guys, now get creating! Deadline for entries is 31st August.

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