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Hello friends, old and new.

As regular readers would have noticed, I haven’t exactly been setting the blogging world alight recently. (Well, since June 22nd to be exact) There are many reasons for this. But it has presented an opportunity to refocus and re-imagine what I want this blog to say.

The Society Of The Spectacle has evolved and grown hugely over the 18 months I have been writing and curating it. It started out as small snippets of creativity, as I found my writing feet. As the months rolled by, I got more into delving deep into my subjects. As my ‘voice’ has grown, I hope the Spectacle has become a richer and deeper experience to those that read it regularly, or those that stumble upon it in the gloriously random way the web operates.

The Spectacle offers what I hope is the best of the blogging experience, the chance to uncover, discover and be enlightened or inspired by the web. My mission has always been to uncover some of the more obscure elements of creativity, as well as music, film and fashion. Expressing my interests to the widest audience possible. Not out of an ego boost, but out of a love and passion for brilliant things that enter my world day in, day out. The stuff we create to stimulate our minds, our bodies and our soul.

The Spectacle has also offered the opportunity to embrace our increasingly ubiquitous social connections, and is my walking talking evidence to the richness of conversations and relationships that can be fostered and become hugely valuable. Writing and observing these developments has me assess the entire relationship between collaboration, creativity and what even the word ‘creative’ means. It has helped to question not only the validity of what I do, but, happy with my chosen path; understand and recalibrate this blog to create a clear and vital articulation for the wider world.

The Spectacle has also given me the opportunity to find out that I’m not just a designer, but something more, a thinker, a doer and an optimist. Both for our industries, and our collective ability to achieve great things. I want the Society Of The Spectacle to become the primary focus of this ‘goodness’. To give the site a chance to breathe, to take it’s next evolution. Hence the fact that I’ll now be using lots of other sites to spread my passions and clear the decks as it were for the this blog to breathe. Starting with Tumblr (for the music musings and yacht rock goodness)

So, say hello to REALLY REALLY SMOOTH MUSIC. Sort of does what it says on the tine really. Smooth music, smooth musings, and everything in between.

All of these sites will be going under some cosmetic changes to reflect this new approach (bear with me, I’ve got alot on!)  It is also an experiment. It may well be that the challenge of juggling an expanding network of blogging platforms might be just TOO much. But as ever in this age of experimentation, to not try seems more selfish and against the grain than trying and failing and learning more in the process.I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far, have found it inspiring and fun in equal measure, and will continue to enjoy it, in whatever size of chunk you desire.


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