I recently received a few invites for the new start up Pinterest. It’s not like there are a famine of start up invites, but this one caught my eye for a few simple reasons.

Firstly, the design is sparky and super clean. Following on from the top notch user experience that Tumblr provides, this felt (and is) super easy to use. Tonally it follows on from this clean design with a cool little tagline. “Catalog, create, share”. The actual experience of using it, felt much easier than using Dropular, or FFFFound. But obviously as yet, do not have the same cachet that these two do in the creative community. This brings me onto the final, most compelling point. While something like Dropular acts as self curated, but increasingly long list way of finding things that inspire you, Pinterest has the potential to make that process much faster. The ‘pin it’ button that you are encouraged to have on your bookmarks bar makes the whole process of ‘pinning’ something that much easier and behaviorally, more compelling. In sight, in mind as it were. The tagging system also has the hallmarks of Tumblr (e.g dead easy) and each pin is linked back to the original source. Providing a useful journey back through your pinning process, in the end, it feels and acts like a less tucked away version of delicious (which for me, serves more and more as a backup archive)

The ability to set up specific boards related to theme instantly created little micro communities of shard interest. Similar to the way Spotify Social now can create little sub groups of interest and passions, based around the music people love. It’s the killer point of difference, that I hope with a little tweaking (customised pin boards templates anyone??) Could be turn out to be a real treat. You can follow the Pinterest team at their Posterous here. (There was a meet up earlier this week at the Droog store for ‘Pinners’ as well.) I’ll be expecting one soon in London!

Thanks to (@lueni for the original invite)

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