Yesterday I was sent a rather lovely film based around the relationship between image and words, WORDS is a disarming and gorgeous tapestry of human emotion, weaved together with care and love. I received another tweet this morning which help expand the backstory of where and who these people were. This film was from the website EVERYNONE. (Who turn out to be a pretty awesome NYC/LA Production company) One film in particular stood out, both for it’s content (A stop motion journey across America) and it’s beautiful marrying of image and sound. It beautifully captures the disconnect between much of America, how the sounds, moods and styles of places vary dramatically. The only consitent sounds are the sounds of the motel rooms that thread mainland USA. They are in fact, the spine of America and an unusual one at that. Here the visuals help paint a desolate, fractured world. Even though nothing ‘much’ happens, it’s a hypnotic journey and well worth the 12 minutes (especially in HD on Vimeo, trust me)

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