The Creators Project | Mark Ronson.

The ever awesome Vice magazine have teamed up with Intel to create a rather interesting and rather large ongoing collaboration. The Creators Project is a continually updated network of great creative work, from the famous to the anonymous. While on the other hand, it works as an arts foundation, promoting and helping bring great creativity to a wider audience. It’s a nice idea, that for once, makes sense, especially since this is clearly a long term effort by both brands. With huge 3 day expositions being held in cities around the world to bring this content to the fore, it’s sure to be one to watch. To launch the project, Vice has gone and interviewed a number of ‘creators’, talking about how and why they create their content. What inspires them and what fuels their passion to look beyond their boundries (either self imposed or not)

The first video talks with Mark Ronson. Ronson probably needs no introduction as the puppetmaster behind Amy Winehouse’ meteoric rise with the Back To Black album. Admittedly, I’m not the hugest fan of ‘Version’ his covers album, but this interview is actually quite interesting, notably from the way he seems to be such a splicer and dicer of influences and approaches. His acquisition of old analog drum machines and 808’s seems as far removed from the faux-soul sound that has followed him around for the last few years as you can imagine. Luckily that’s what creators do, never stop moving.

Check out the video, and have a dig around the website, (there’s a written interview with Ronson here) this looks like a collaboration to keep an eye on. You can join up the Facebook group here as well to keep up-to-date on all the goings on. The Creators Project is launched next week in New York. Hey Vice! Fly us over?

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