On the ever excellent Talent Imitates, Genius Steals, Faris had a great post highlighting the curious and innovative ‘Robin Of Shoreditch’ project. A collaboration between a collective of (unamed) creatives (possibly in Shoreditch? Who’d have thought…), the purpose of the project is simple. To take from the rich, to give to the poor. Target the top 100 brands as defined by Brand Z list. Give each of them an idea to chew on all for the princely sum, of 1/10,000,000 of their total brand value. The money donated by each brand for said creative idea then goes to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. A tragedy that still continues to unfold even as the world’s camera’s have turned their gaze onto (equally horrendous) events.

With the worthiness of the idea firmly established, it might be easy for the ideas generated to be nothing more than throwaway bits of fluff. So it’s heartening to know that the ideas created by the these East London merry men, are by and large, excellent. Incisive well thought through and are not just new lines or a new aesthetic twist. They are culturally relevant and useful (e.g not another script for another ad) they are also hugely optimistic, they have faith in big, game changing, behaviour defying ideas. Which is where all our heads should be at.

So on wards ye merry band, and here’s to gaining as much traction (and blog posts/coloum inches – pick your poison) as possible.

Check out a few of the ideas below.

(Nice soundtracks as well.)

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