If you haven’t had an opportunity to experience the awesomeness of Maria Popova’s Brainpickings, then you are missing out. Among the cavalcade of brilliant stuff were these three little Vimeo gems. Simply put, here are films on the ever glorious New York City, in lovely HD. It’s a series of scenes from the city, from all five boroughs above and below ground, and everything in between. I love these sort of of videos because they absolutely get to the heart of the real city, they present their environments as a living entity. They remind me of  a very much of the idea of blog namesake and Situationist ‘leader’ Guy Debord’s theory of Psychogeography. These films in their own gentle way, reflect the best of this theory, as the city as a constant narrative, changing and evolving our behaviours as we go.It would be nice to see such a clear love letter to a  city be applied to London. (Although this book does a good job on Hackney for starters), so if anybody could point me in the direction of something similar, then shout!

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