Fashion brands embracing digital has in the last year become a real hot digital topic. Luxury brands have, in the past been notorious for their lack of forward thinking when it came to integrating digital into their marketing. Well, things started to change in 2009, with the (previously reported) Art Of The Trench from Burberry, the brand pushed home their digital breakthrough with the streaming (in 3D!) of their shows live from Paris, New York and Tokyo Fashion Weeks.

A subtext of the Art Of the Trench was the appropriation of Fashion bloggers by the major brands, for example, the Art Of The Trench featured Spectacle fave the Sartorialist and his wonderful pictures. Louis Vuitton, has taken another Spectacle fave The Selby, and giving him a really interesting platform to explore the ‘Journey Of A Man’s Wardrobe’.

The Journey seems simple enough, follow around and document the story of Louis Vuitton menswear, from it’s inception in the Paris studios of LV, to the shows construction, the craftsmanship, and the flair that goes into each garment. Mark Selby’s photo’s are simple, truthful and engaging. They help frame the entire experience in a calm loucheness that you would expect from a brand with such heritage and quality associated with it.

The digital experience is also rather engaging, it might not have the breadth that the art of the trench campaign. (You can’t share any of this content to your social networks, which seems strange for something that has had such effort and scale put behind it. But as the cities visited and the stories grow, this is certainly one to keep your eye on and shows how hard luxury brands now have to work to engage and spread their digital to their audience.

  1. Edward says: May 10, 20103:06 PM

    I had no idea we had done this!
    It looks reasonably fancy.

  2. […] a collaboration between the filmmaker Steven Sebring and Mr Krakoff himself. It reminded me alot of The Selby collaboration with Louis Vuitton that I blogged about last month, well made, insightful, and a great way of establishing interest […]

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